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Daragh Boland

What a wonderful writer you are!!! It is nice to know you are doing well and still enjoying music.
Sending you lots of warm wishes for Christmas and 2011!
-Daragh Boland
(David's Ex) :-)
*I know there were many!

Patrick Clifford

Hi, Daragh--It's a pleasure to hear from you after all this time; thanks for the kind words. A joyous Christmas to you and yours, too!

Dessie O'Kane

Hey Pat, I really enjoyed reading your blog, I can relate to so much of your musings on life on the road. When I look back on those days, I realise, and I'm sure you'll agree, even the bad times were good! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Dessie.

Patrick Clifford

Hi, Dessie-- Great to hear from you! (I find myself saying that a lot lately-- kind of a latecomer to social networking.) I know what you mean. Funny thing, too, it seems like we all remember different aspects and different nights. Maybe if we put our heads together we'll get it right!

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